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Manzanillo is a resort and commercial port set at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountains. It's two coastal bays, Manzanillo Bay and Santiago Bay, are the perfect place for the resorts that line the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Although Manzanillo offers many tourist services, it is not a typical Mexican resort town. It does not have the diverse nightlife that Puerto Vallarta has, nor does it offer the planned tourist infrastructure like Ixtapa and Los Cabos. What it does offer is a relaxing environment in a warm climate on one of Mexico's most beautiful stretches of coastline.

As a commercial port Manzanillo has a long history. Even before the Spanish settled in, the original inhabitants in the area used the port for local commerce. Even today the port is used to import and export many different types of goods. The harbor, combined with rail service to the rest of the country, provides an important link in Mexico's economy.

Manzanillo hit the world as a tourist destination when the Las Hadas Resort was completed. This spectacular destination stole the imagination of many high-end travelers, and it's fame was enhanced by movie and television exposure. The resort is still one of Mexico's best exclusive hideaways!

Today's Manzanillo offers large resorts, smaller hotels, and several all-inclusive options. Fishing and golf are popular, as are watersports of all types.

Before you arrive in town drop by this MAP OF MANZANILLO to get a feel for the area.

Today's MANZANILLO WEATHER is just a click away!

For the bigger picture check out the SATELLITE VIEW of the weather in Mexico.

Also it's fun to review the current OCEAN WATER TEMPERATURE in Manzanillo and other parts of Mexico.

If you want to share a good web site or company for Manzanillo tourism we would love to hear from you! SUBMIT INFORMATION HERE.

For further information you can contact the Manzanillo Convention and Visitors Bureau at 011-52 (333) 3-1380.

For a look at what's happening in Mexico drop by the MEXICO EVENT CALENDAR of Mexico Expo.


Looking for that perfect place to drop into "Manzanillo Time" before you get settled in to your hotel? Grab a cab and head over to the Hotel Sierra for a cold drink and warm ocean view. The hotel is not the main focus here, but the view is wonderful. This hotel sits on one of Manzanillo's most beautiful beaches, Playa Audencia. Here is where he tropical foliage of the hills meets the clear calm waters of Santiago Bay, providing a serene setting guaranteed to help you forget your worries.


Manzanillo is a nice place to visit, but it is located so close to some of Mexico's finest stretches of coastline that it is almost a shame not to plan at least one excursion north of town while you are in the general area. The resorts in and around Manzanillo are very good, and the bays are beautiful. But further north the coastline evolves into the unspoiled paradise that many people think about when they imagine Mexico's beautiful west coast. The incredible beaches of Tenacatita and the rugged coastline of Costa Careyes are just two examples of nature at her best, only an hour or so north of Manznillo!

For more information drop by the SIDE TRIPS section of our Manzanillo





Manzanillo offers two beautiful bays, each offering sandy beaches for those who want to spend some time along the coast. Manzanillo Bay is the closest bay to the city of Manzanillo, and therefore has more boat traffic. Santiago Bay is located just west of Manzanillo Bay, and tends to be more removed from commercial boating activity.

The ocean waters off of Manzanillo are warm enough for swimming all year long. The water temperature pushes 90 degrees at the end of summer, then gradually drops down to the low to mid 70's by the end of winter.

If you are going into the water review the current OCEAN WATER TEMPERATURE in Manzanillo.

Although Manzanillo's beaches are nice, don't expect the bright white sand that you would see in CANCUN or LOS CABOS. The sand here is more brown in color, which is actually cooler to walk on when the sun heats things up!

As in all parts of Mexico the beaches in Manzanillo are all open to the public. So feel free to explore any hidden stretches of side that might intrigue you!

For additional information on protecting your skin while enjoying the tropical Mexican sun take a look at the SUNSCREEN TIPS section of Mexico Expo.






The beaches in Santiago Bay, on Manzanillo's north side, are the cities best. Free of the commercial boat traffic usually found on Manzanillo Bay to the south, the beaches in Santiago Bay are perfect for enjoying Manzanillo's great coast.



    Located in the center of Santiago Bay, north of the Santiago Peninsula.
    Great for sunning, windsurfing and boogie boards.



    Located to the south end of Santiago Bay, just in form the Santiago Point.
    Calm and protected for swimming and snorkeling, lush background.



The beaches of Manzanillo Bay receive some commercial boating at the south end, so the better beaches here are at the north end.



    Located in the northwest corner of Manzanillo Bay.
    A steep sand drop off creates currents. Better for sunning than swimming.



    Located right in the middle of Manzanillo Bay.
    A good swimming and sunning beach, especially at the southern end.



    Located towards the southeast end of Manzanillo Bay.
    A popular beach for tourists with restaurants right on the beach!



    Located 30 miles south of Manzanillo.
    Famous for huge waves, black sand and bright green water.




Manzanillo is not one of Mexico's flashiest resorts, but the hotels offered here are some of the best in Mexico!

Don't be afraid to try an "all-inclusive" resort while in Manzanillo. These hotels do a great job of maximizing your vacation time, at a price you can't beat.

Because the city of Manzanillo does not offer all of the entertainment options of many other Mexican resort towns, the resorts become a greater focus for the traveler. So don't feel guilty spending hours lazing away poolside or on the beach. These are Manzanillo's main focus.

In addition to the spectacular resorts along the coast in Manzanillo, there are also small hotels in town that are very affordable.

Interested in a small, intimate place to stay away from the crowds? COCONUTS BY THE SEA has your name on it. This spectacular hidaway is located an hour south of Manzanillo on beautiful Tenacatita Bay, one of Carlos Fiesta's favorite places in Mexico. Visit their web site for further information.

For more information on exclusive boutique hotels along Mexico's Costa Alegre visit the web site of MEXICO BOUTIQUE HOTELS. Both the exclusive El Tamarindo and the El Careyes Beach Resort await you on this magnificent stretch of coast!

For discounted vacation packages to Manzanillo check out the web site of MEXICO TRAVEL NET.

Check out FIESTA'S FAVORITES for one of you lodging options!



    ~ All Inclusive

    Telephone 011-52 (333) 4-1313.
    Fax 011-52 (333) 4-1108.
    Toll free (877) 527-6462.
    U.S. (305) 447-4982
    U.S. Fax (305) 447-0771.
    Avenida Vista Hermosa #13, Col. Peninsula de Santiago, Manzanillo, Colima,
    Mexico, 28860.
    Web site:
    Located 25 minutes from Manzanillo airport.
    On the beach.
    Number of rooms: 324.
    Hotel amenities: 9.2 acres / 8 pools / Jacuzzis / restaurants / snack bar / 5 bars / 44,000 square feet of meeting facilities / 10 lighted tennis courts / casino / disco / theater / fitness center / game room / kid's club / concierge service / valet parking / golf nearby.
    Room amenities: Satellite television / room service / mini-bar.
    This spectacular resort is just as amazing as Las Hadas but it is newer.



    Telephone 011-52 (333) 1-0101.
    Fax 011-52 (333) 1-0125.
    Toll free (800) 722-6466.
    Groups: (800) 947-7325.
    Peninsula de Santiago, Post Office Box 158, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, 28200.
    Located 25 minutes from the airport.
    Number of rooms: 233.
    Hotel amenities: On the beach / pool swim-up bar / beach cabanas / spa / 4 restaurants / 3 bars / shops / boutiques / marina / golf / tennis / kid's club.
    Room amenities: Satellite television / mini-bar / terraces / fresh flowers.
    Las Hadas is the epitome of the word "Resort". It offers everything one needs to enjoy a complete vacation. If ever a resort has earned the reward of Five Diamonds, this is it. Bo says it's a "10". Bring a camera!



    ~ All Inclusive

    Telephone 011-52 (753) 537-4485.
    Also 011-52 (753) 531-5074.
    Carretera Fedreral Playa Azul, Caleta de Campos Municipio de Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, Mexico.
    Located down the beach from Manzanillo at Km. 52.
    On the beach.
    Number of rooms: 16.
    Hotel amenities: Pool / restaurant / bar.
    Room amenities: Ocean views / televisions.
    Bungalows are on the ocean and the waves crash right up front!
    Located near surf breaks.



    ~ All Inclusive

    Telephone 011-52 (755) 533-2884.
    Fax 011-52 (755) 533-2883.
    Located on the point at Troncones Beach.
    Web site:
    On the beach.
    Number of rooms: 20.
    Hotel amenities: Pool / restaurant / bar / surf shop.
    Room amenities: Ocean views.
    Bungalows are on the ocean and the waves crash right up front!
    Located on one of the best surfing points in Mexico.



    Telephone 011-52 (314) 333-0107.
    Bahia de Santiago s/n, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.
    Web site:
    On the beach.
    Number of rooms: 72.
    Hotel amenities: Pool / restaurant / bar.
    Room amenities: Color television /air conditioning / ocean views / terraces.
    Located just 25 miuted from Manzanillo airport.
    Review their web site for additional information.



    ~ All Inclusive

    Telephone 011-52 (335) 1-5020.
    Fax 011-52 (335) 1-5050.
    Toll free (800) 258-3229.
    Km. 20, Carretera Federal 200, Tenacatita, Jalisco, Mexcio, 48989.
    Located one hour north of Manzanillo.
    Number of rooms: 204.
    Hotel Amenities: On the beach / huge pool / 2 restaurants / 4 bars / snack bar / horseback riding / tennis court / basketball / kid's club / fitness center / steam room / disco / golf nearby / theater / water sports / meeting facilities.
    Room amenities: Satellite television / air conditioning / ocean views / sofas / terraces.
    Located on a spectacular beach in a very remote and beautiful location north of Manzanillo. Carlos Fiesta spent a week here one day...



    Telephone 011-52 (335) 1-0320.
    Fax 011-52 (335) 1-0240.
    Km. 53.5 Carretera Barra de Navidad-Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, 48980.
    Located 45 minutes north of Manzanillo, 60 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta.
    One to four bedroom casitas.
    Hotel amenities: On the beach / pools / restaurant / bar / polo / golf nearby / fishing available.
    Room amenities: Views / terraces / some private pools.
    Built snuggly into the hillsides above the ocean in a spectacular jungle setting, this colorful collection of hideaways is the place you want to stay if you really want to get away from the world.
    Feeling lucky? Try sneaking into the Club Med around the point for an evening of dancing!



    ~ All Inclusive

    Telephone 011-52 (315) 351-0000.
    Fax 011-52 (315) 351-0100.
    Toll free (800) 325-3589.
    Km. 53.5 Carretera Barra de Navidad, Costa Careyes, Jalisco, Mexico, 48983.
    Web site:
    Located one hour north of Manzanillo airport.
    On the beach.
    Number of rooms: 48.
    Rooms and suites.
    Hotel amenities: 61 acres / pool / Jacuzzis / restaurant / bar / 500 square feet of meeting facilities / 2 tennis courts / golf nearby.
    Room amenities: Private plunge pools / ocean views / television.
    Located on one of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in Mexico.



    ~ All Inclusive

    Telephone 011-52 (315) 351-5032.
    Fax 011-52 (315) 351-5070.
    Toll free (800) 325-3589.
    Km. 7.5 Carretera Melanque-Puerto Vallarta, Cihuatlan, Costa Careyes, Jalisco, Mexico, 48983.
    Web site:
    Located one hour north of Manzanillo airport.
    On the beach.
    Number of rooms: 29.
    Suites and villas.
    Hotel amenities: 2,040 acres / 18 hole golf course / pool / Jacuzzis / restaurant / bar / 2,152 square feet of meeting facilities / 2 tennis courts.
    Room amenities: Ocean views / television.
    Located on a very secluded cove. Dining area overlooks pool and wonderful bay view!



    Telephone (888) 804-7263.
    Located on Isla Natividad, north of Manzanillo.
    Hotel Amenities: On the beach / 27 holes of golf / marina / tennis / yacht club.



    Telephone (800) 342-2644.
    U.S. mailing: 350 North Sam Houston Parkway East, Suite 280, Houston, Texas, 77060.
    Number of rooms: 103.
    Deluxe rooms, sites and studio apartments.
    Hotel Amenities: On the beach / pool / kid's pool / restaurant / bar / four tennis courts / ping-pong / volleyball / beach club / golf nearby / car rentals / travel agency / market / medical service / babysitting.
    Room amenities: Satellite color television / telephones /terraces / mini-bar / safe deposit box / kitchenettes / air conditioning / room service.



    Telephone 011-52 (314) 334-8481.
    Cell (US) (650) 743-8865.
    Located on Boulevard de la Madrid, Mazanillo, Colima, Mexico.
    8 kilometers from Manzanillo.
    Stairway to the beach.
    Number of rooms: 8.
    3 luxury suites, plus single rooms.
    Hotel amenities: Pool / spa / garden / palapa / bar.
    Restaurants and entertainment within a 5 minute walk.
    The premier luxury suite has private terracea and a private palapa.
    Feel the warmth of Mexico withoutr the crowds!




There are many small to medium sized hotels located throughout the downtown area of Manzanillo. Although some of the guests are tourists, there are also many people who are in town for business who stay in these downtown hotels.

Most of the hotel rooms are in good condition, although it does not hurt to ask the manager if he will let you review the room before you make a commitment.


Yes, the Las Hadas Resort is spectacular, and you can't go wrong with this tried and true jewel. But if you want to stay at a place that is geared a little bit more towards fun than image, consider a stay at KARMINA PALACE. This spectacular resort has
all of the fun bases covered, and after a day or two here you just may never want to leave! Check out their web site for more information!




There's lots to do in Manzanillo, and most of it is outside and along the coast!

Since many of Manzanillo's recreational options are in, on, or next to the water it's fun to review the current OCEAN WATER TEMPERATURE in Manzanillo.

For additional information on protecting your skin while enjoying the tropical Mexican sun take a look at the SUNSCREEN TIPS section of Mexico Expo.

In addition to reading that new paperback by the pool, here are just a few of your other choices:






Despite the fact that Manzanillo is not known as a diving destination, there is some good diving and snorkeling northeast of town. Although divers might be tempted to try the rocky locations in the northwest corner of Manzanillo Bay, calmer water and better visibility awaits right around the corner in Santiago Bay.

Santiago Bay is mostly sand, except for a few protected coves at the southeast end. Divers looking for the calmest water (and best visibility) should head for Playa Audiencia at the southeast end of the bay. This protected beach offers tall rocks on both sides of this beach, which continue down underwater with decent visibility. The jungle growth behind the beach makes this is a great place to relax after getting out of the water.

For more information on Scuba Diving adventures in Mexico and other locations visit the web site of GOOD TIME IN THE WATER.



Manzanillo is famous for it's sportfishing, and particularly proud of it's sailfish. Dorado, wahoo and tuna also provide tight lines, and fishing here tends to be best from November through March.

Manzanillo hosts at least two fishing tournaments each year, one in November and another in February. Although the purses for these tournaments are not as huge as the tournaments in Cabo San Lucas across the Sea of Cortez, they fish don' seem to know the difference and put up just as good a fight.

Day fishing trips can be arranged at most of the larger hotels in town. It is also possible to go down the the marina the day before you want to go out, and set up a captain and boat in person. Cruisers and pangas are available, with the pangas being less expensive.

Reservations with the Manzanillo fishing boats Albatros 1 and Albatros 2 can be arranged by calling 011-52 (333) 6-6155.

Also, fishing packages can be arranges through MEXICO TRAVEL NET and at BAJA FISHING ADVENTURES at (800) 458-3688.



    Telephone 011-52 (333)5-0605.
    Cell / Fax 011-52 (335) 7-0717.
    Sam and Marilyn short at your service!
    Drop by their web site for further information.



For an town that does not claim to be a hot tourist destination, Mazanillo offers some surprisingly good golf courses. Getting an early start will probably help your game, especially in the hotter summer months. Roundevous at the 19th hole are encouraged!

If you want to treat yourself to something really special, head north of Manzanillo to the new golf course at Natividad. Lot's of great comments about this place, especially the 13th and 14th holes. And if you have the bucks to stay in the new GRAND BAY HOTEL, you will have a tough time going home (no matter how lousy your short game was!).

The El Tamarindo Golf course also offers some spectacular oceanfront holes. It's fun to compare them both!

For information on golf packages to Manzanillo and other Mexican destinations check with the folks at BEST GOLF.



    Telephone 011-52 (335) 1-5031.
    Located in Costa Careyes, north of Manzanillo.
    Number of holes: 18.
    Par: 72.
    Rating: not yet rated.
    Champ: 6,500 / Men: 6,300 / Women: 5,800.
    Carts and caddies available.
    Dave Fleming designed course in a jungle and coastline setting.



    Telephone 011-52 (333) 4-0000.
    Post Office Box 70, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.
    Number of holes: 18.
    Par: 71.
    Rating: 69.2
    Champ: 5,997 / Men: 5,531 / Women: 4,691.
    Carts and caddies available.
    Million dollar island green at the 18th hole.



    Telephone 011-52 (335) 5-5103.
    Paseo Loma Large #3885, Isla Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico.
    Number of holes: 27.
    Par: 72.
    Rating: 73.9
    Champ: 6,469 / Men: 6,469 / Women: 5,152.
    Carts and caddies available.
    One of Mexico's newest and top rated courses.



    Telephone 011-52 (333) 5-0650.
    Post Office Box 59, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.
    Number of holes: 9.
    Carts available.
    Semi-private course located at Club Santiago.



There are several places in Manzanillo where horses can be rented. Since Both Manzanillo Bay on the southeast end and Santiago Bay on the northwest end of town both cater to tourists, these are the best places to line up horseback riding on the beach.

For more information on the closest horseback riding to your location check with the front desk of your hotel.



Manzanillo has several large and small bays that lend themselves to kayaking. The main Manzanillo Bay tends to be a pretty busy place, with a significant amount of boat traffic at the southeast end near downtown Manzanillo. However, launching near the northwest corner of this bay and then heading north around the Sanitago Peninsula to Santiago Bay is a good trek.

Santiago Bay starts off with rocky outcroppings which are good for kayaking, and then alternates between rocks and sandy beaches. Beautiful Playa Audiencia tucked into the east end of this bay is a good place to stop and relax in a beautiful setting.

Now that the Grand Bay Resort has been finished at Isla Navidad, north of Manzanillo, this makes a good kayak excursion. Most of the waters surrounding the new resort there are calm, and by kayaking north of the island one can pull up on the beach at Barra de Natividad to enjoy fresh seafood at one of the many palapa restaurants on the beach.

The coastline north of Barra Natividad becomes more rugged and beautiful, alternating between sandy beaches and rocky bluffs. The Bay of Tenacatita and Costa Careyes are just two of the jewels you will find as you head north from Barra.



Manzanillo has two good harbors and a following of sailors that is very dedicated. One of the popular marinas in Manzanillo Bay is the facility at Las Hadas. This is a first rate place to hole up or provision for cruises down the coast or blue water sailing to the west. Since Manzanillo is a very large cargo port, this Bay can get pretty busy with commercial traffic and keeping a regular 'head's up' is a good idea.

Manzanillo has some first class competition just up the coast at Puerto Navidad. This new Marina is located at the foot of the new GRAND BAY HOTEL, recently voted the Number One Resort in Mexico. For those with a hankering for golf, the new 27 hole Robert von Hagge designed golf course is a real treat. Dropping anchor in beautiful Tenacatita Bay or Costa Careyes on the way down the coast can make you wonder why most people waste all of their time working for a living.

Most sailors who end up in Manzanillo waters came down the coast of BAJA and then provisioned up in CABO SAN LUCAS or LA PAZ. At that point cutting across to the mainland
is pretty easy.

Before leaving home be sure to grab the best book available for cruising in Mexico... MEXICO BOATING GUIDE. Don't leave home without this great cruising guide!

Looking for a second opinion? CHARLEI'S CHARTS also offer a lot of good information on sailing Mexican waters. Charles Woods is a very experienced captain! GERRY CHARTS by good old Gerry is another excellent option.

For boat permits and entry documents contact ROMERO'S MEXICO SERVICE.

Drop by THE LOG website for additional information on marina facilities in Mexico!



The west coast of Mexico is full of waves, and the areas near Manzanillo are no exception. Manzanillo waters are sheltered from most winter storms from the north, but are fully exposed to the topical storms and southern Hemi's that Mexico's southwest facing beaches are famous for. The first storm of the year usually gets cranking around June, and waves can be pretty consistent through October. Did someone say double overhead?

Ocean temperatures run from the mid 70's in March to the low 90's in August. You'll probably never need a wetsuit, but a rash guard will come in handy so you don't tear up your chest from surfing all day long.

Visit HORIZONS WEST for information on surf expeditions north of Puerto Vallarta.

Also located on the mainland north of P.V. is COSTA AZUL surf resort, a great place for surfers looking for a relaxed surfing environment.

Drop in on the web site of SURFARIMEX for additional information on surf tours into Mexico!

SIESTAS & OLAS is a very fun film about surfing Mexico. The action in the film starts off with epic Baja at Scorpion Bay, and then transitions to the awesome sliders and bone crunchers of mainland Mexico. The film was produced by Dan-O Surf Films in Santa Barbara, California (by Dan Wosniak), and can be purchased on video and DVD at your local surf shop or by visiting their web site. See it and feel good.

And for a good time on-line drop your Sex Wax and check out the Reef Brazil girls at the REEF web site.

SWELL.COM always has good stuff to check out when you can't go surfing and need your fix.

Leave your wet suit at home and grab your rash guard. The OCEAN TEMPERATURES in Mexico are nice all year long!

Some of the better known area surf breaks are listed here.





    Located one and one half hours north of Manzanillo.
    Beach break, rights and lefts.



    located over an hour north of Manzanillo.
    River mouth and beach breaks.



    Located one hour north of Manzanillo.
    Left point break, beach break and river mouth.



    45 minutes north of Manzanillo.
    Large south facing beach break.



    35 minutes north of Manzanillo.
    Mostly beach breaks.



    Located just north of town.
    Beach breaks and point breaks.





    Located 25 minutes south of Manzanillo.
    Big beach break.



    Located 30 minutes south of Manzanillo.
    Beach break.



    Located 35 minutes south of Manzanillo.
    Beach and river mouth break.



    Located 40 minutes south of Manzanillo.
    Beach break.



    Located 45 minutes south of Manzanillo.
    Beach break.



    Located 45 minutes south of Manzanillo.
    A left breaking reef break.



    Located 50 minutes south of Manzanillo.
    Left and right point breaks.




There are several hotels in Manzanillo that offer tennis courts, including the new Grand Bay Resort north at Isla Navidid. As with most outdoor sports, it's a good idea to get an early run at it, before the say gets hot and the humidity kicks in.



    Telephone 011-52 (335) 1-5020.
    Fax 011-52 (335) 1-5050.
    Toll free (800) 258-3229.
    Km. 20, Carretera Federal 200, Tenacatita, Jalisco, Mexcio, 48989.
    Located one hour north of Manzanillo.



    Telephone (888) 804-7263.
    Located on Isla Natividad, north of Manzanillo.



    Telephone 011-52 (333) 4-1313.
    Fax 011-52 (333) 4-1108.
    Toll free (877) 527-6462.
    U.S. (305) 447-4982
    U.S. Fax (305) 447-0771.
    Avenida Vista Hermosa #13, Col. Peninsula de Santiago, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, 28200.
    Located 25 minutes from Manzanillo airport.



    Telephone 011-52 (333) 1-0101.
    Fax 011-52 (333) 1-0125.
    Toll free (800) 722-6466.
    Groups: (800) 947-7325.
    Peninsula de Santiago, Post Office Box 158, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, 28200.
    Located 25 minutes from the airport.



    Telephone (800) 342-2644.
    U.S. mailing: 350 North Sam Houston Parkway East, Suite 280, Houston, Texas, 77060.




    Windsurfing in Manzanillo is similar to other west coast Mexico locations. The wind is usually calm in the morning, and a breeze picks up in the afternoon. During the summer brief periods of rain accompanied by inconsistent winds can hit the coast in in the later afternoons. Also during summer, tropical storms occasionally hit the coast.

    For calm waters Santiago Bay north of Manzanillo is usually a good bet and a good place for beginning and intermediate windsurfing. More advanced boarders looking for some bumps might enjoy Manzanillo Bay with the wake traffic from boats entering and the harbor.

    The ocean water temperature in Manzanillo hits bottom in February in the mid 70 degree range, and then starts climbing to about 90 degrees in late summer.

    Sailors with a serious hankering for boardsailing might consider heading across to BUENA VISTA on the Baja Peninsula. It's not The Gorge, but it's not bad!




Manzanillo is a tourist destination, but it is foremost a working city. So you will not find all of the "theme" restaurants that you might find in a Mexican destination like Cancun. Although Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood have not yet found their way to Manzanillo, the good folks at Carlos'n Charlies did grab a beachhead in town, and do a good business.

Casual beach shack eateries like enramadas and taco stands (taqerias) are located throughout town, and can be a good place to fill up without putting a drain on your wallet.

Manzanillo has several first class restaurants, including Legazpi at Las Hadas. Having dinner here gives you the excuse you need to get past the guards at the front gate to explore the grounds of this famous hotel. If you get a chance to walk down by the pool area, see if the large iguanas are still living in the small island in the pool. Last time Carlos Fiesta stayed here he made friends with the large one "Paco".

For the most part the restaurant dress codes are casual. In some of the nicer restaurants you might want do dress up in what they call "resort wear" which means your shirt has a collar and you are wearing clean socks.

Tipping in most restaurants is usually 10% for good service, and can be more in the upper end eateries. Even in the normal restaurants, if your waiter has gone out of his way to dining adventure an enjoyable one, a larger tip is your way of saying thanks.

If you are in town for a few days it might not make sense to eat at expensive restaurants every night. But it might be a good idea to treat yourself just once to one of those restaurants with the spectacular views of Manzanillo or Santiago Bays!



    Telephone 011-52 (333) 4-000.
    Located in the Las Hadas Hotel.
    Specialty: Continental.
    Ocean view dining and first class service.
    A walk around the hotel complex is worth the price of dinner!



    Boulevard Miguel de Madrid.
    10 minutes north of Las Hadas.
    Specialty: French.
    Also serving a popular Sunday Brunch.
    The view of the bay is spectacular!



    Boulevard Miguel de Madrid.
    Located next to the Manzanillo Tourist Office.
    Specialty: Seafood.
    Mexican food and local plates also available.
    Another great view of the bay.



    Telephone 011-52 (333) 3-1794.
    Calle Benito Rincon Lopez.
    Near the Las Brisas crossroads at Miguel de la Madrid.
    Specialty: Seafood.
    French items and Mexican food also available.
    Casual dress very acceptable.



    Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid.
    Located near Km. 7 in the tourist area.
    Specialty: Fun!
    Also serving American food and Mexican food.
    If you don't have fun eating here you might as well go home.



    Telephone 011-52 (333) 3-1388.
    Costero M.M.H. Km 14.3, Santiago, Colima, Mexico.
    Specialty: Fun!
    Also serving burgers, breakfasts, tacos, smoothies and shakes.
    A great place to check your e-mail, send a fax and watch television!
    Make a visit even if you aren't hungry.




    Much of Manzanillo's nightlife is located in the individual resorts. These hotels have a captive audience, and do a good job of trying to host a fun evening. After experiencing the nightclub~disco at your hotel, it can be fun to head out to other resorts to sample the action.

    Club Maeva offers a fun Fiesta Night during the busy season, and has a regular disco that pounds out the beat until the wee hours all year long.

    If disco is not your style, but you still want to head out on the town in search of a good time, you can't go wrong with Carlos 'n Charlies. These knuckleheads are bent on helping you have a good time, and if you aren't careful they will over-serve you. Bring bail money!

    The best way to get around for your night on the town is by Taxi. Although the rates for Taxi's in Manzanillo may seem a bit high (especially at night when the rates tend to edge up), it's usually affordable when you all pitch in for the cause. If you want any inside information on Manzanillo, your taxi driver just might prove to be an invaluable source of information!



      Located at Club Maeva Resort.
      In case you missed the 70's disco era you can step back in time to Boom Boom.
      One of Manzanillo's most popular discos. Can get loud and crazy on weekends.
      Cover charge.



      Located at Las Hadas Resort.
      A bit more upscale than your average nightclub.
      Walking around the Las Hadas is half the fun!
      Dress code prevails, plus a cover charge.


    • VOQUE

      Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid.
      Located near the Las Brisas crossroads.
      John Travolta slept here.
      Usually more locals than tourists.



      Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid.
      Located near km. 7 in the tourist area.
      Some disco, some rock and roll, some techno-frizz.
      Always a fun time!





    Manzanillo is not a mecca for shoppers, like TIJUANA, CANCUN and MEXICO CITY.
    Even CABO SAN LUCAS, which has yet to complete it's first huge shopping mall, has more shopping options than Manzanillo.

    Having said that, you will still find several places that will be able to provide you with a fun shopping excursion, with none of the usual crowds.

    In addition to the traditional shops, vendors still work along Manzanillo's beaches, providing basic tourist items for sale. And a taxi ride into downtown Manzanillo will allow you the opportunity to check out the shops where the locals shop.

    For an upper end shopping treat, head over to the shops at Las Hadas. Don't even think about negotiating on cards are accepted!



      Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid.
      Located in the Salahua section of Manzanillo.
      Mall with shops, food court and a department store.



      In the Las Hadas Resort.
      A selection of upper end boutiques and shops.



      Located 25 minutes north of town.
      Shops, boutiques located on one side of the hotel.
      While shopping, take time out to explore this huge hotel!





    Getting to and getting around Manzanillo is easy. Manzanillo has an international airport, buses, rental cars and the ever-convenient (although not particularly inexpensive) taxi.

    Manzanillo is also a popular place to hole up and provision for sailors who are heading down the coast in the fall months.

    Before you arrive in town drop by this MAP OF MANZANILLO to get a feel
    for the area.

    For extensive information on driving an RV into Mexico visit the web site of ON THE ROAD IN MEXICO.





    Manzanillo is served by Playa de Oro International Airport. The airport is located approximately 30 miles northwest of Manzanillo, and serves the community of Barra de Navidad (and the new Isla Navidad Resort) as well. The airport offers a few small shops. a restaurant and a few car rental booths.

    Out front taxis and collectivo mini-vans are lined up to take visitors to their destinations. The collectivos are less than half the price of a taxi if you are traveling solo, but if you are in a group of 3 or more the cost of a taxi night make sense.



      Telephone (800) 237-6639.
      Flights from Los Angeles.



      Telephone (800) 237-6225.
      Flights from Los Angeles.



      Telephone 011-52 (333) 3-0151.
      Flights from Mexico City.



      Telephone 011-52 (333) 3-2424.
      Flights from Mexico City.



      Telephone (800) 235-9292.
      Flights from Phoenix.



      Telephone (800) 531-7921.
      Flights from Los Angeles.



    Buses are a very affordable way to explore the coast north and south of Manzanillo. The bus station is east of downtown Manzanillo on Avenida Hidalgo. Your options include:



      Telephone 011-52 (333) 2-0210.
      Bus service to Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara.



      Telephone 011-52 (333) 2-0515.
      Bus service to Barre de Navidad and Puerto Vallarta.



    Car rentals are available in Manzanillo at the airport and at most of the larger hotels, but usually are not necessary unless you are planning an excursion of some length up or down the coast. Taxis are probably the most efficient way to hop around town.

    If you are considering using Manzanillo airport as your starting point for an adventure up the coast to Bara de Navidad or Costa Careyes, renting a car can be a great idea. Carlos Fiesta did this a few years ago and had a great time. Be sure to check the rental car for a good spare tire and jack. And during the summer months be sure to check the windshield wipers for those quick afternoon showers!

  - Drivers wanted!


    • HERTZ

      Telephone (800) 654-3131.
      Located at the airport.



      Telephone (800) 227-4567.
      Located at the airport.


    • BUDGET

      Telephone (800) 527-0700.
      Located at the airport.




    Taxis are an efficient way to get around Manzanillo, as well as to and from the airport. Because the city does not have as many visitors as some Mexican destinations, competition for the the lowest taxi rates is minimal. So plan on spending a bit more than you might have paid some of Mexico's larger resort towns. Again, following the laws of supply and demand, taxi fares in the evenings may be even higher yet.

    If you are looking for an inexpensive way to travel from the airport to your hotel, consider taking one of the collectivo vans waiting out in front of the airport. These vans are quiet a bit less expensive than taxis, if you don't mind waiting around for the driver to fill the van up, and if you don't mind a few stops along the way to your drop-off point. If you are in a hurry to get to your hotel to get checked in, a taxi is by far the best way to go.

    Tipping the taxi driver is usually appreciated, especially as a reward for good service. A tip of 10% is generous, and if your driver has helped answer some of your local questions he probably deserves it.





    Manzanillo real estate offers condos and homes, and luxury homes north of town. One view of the beautiful coastline here and it is easy to see why owning a vacation home here is so appealing. Not only is this true along the beautiful bays of Manzanillo, but also along the spectacular "Costa Alegre" north of town.





    Working with an experienced real estate Broker is always a good idea, especially when purchasing property in a foreign country. A suggestion? Never buy a property on your first trip down!



      Telephone 011-52 (314) 333-2904.
      Fax 011-52 (314) 333-0424.
      Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.
      Web address:
      Broker/Owner Jorge A Cardenas.
      Specializing in houses, condos and lots.
      Review their web site for additional information on Manzanillo real estate!



      Telephone 011-52 (333) 334-0340.
      Fax 011-52 (333) 334-0783.
      Boulevard Costero M.M.H. Km 14.5, Santiago, Colima, Mexico.
      Real estate sales and rentals in the Manzanillo and Santiago areas.



    The beautiful coast north and south of Manzanillo is finally coming of age. Custom homes and new resort developments are either under construction or in the planning stages. Paradise anyone?



      Telephone (888) 804-7263.
      Located 40 minutes north of Manzanillo.
      Luxury condos homes and estates in a master planned community.
      Check out their web site for additional information.



      Telephone 011-52 (333) 4-2721.
      Fax 011-52 (333) 4-2723.
      Calle Francia #24, Colonia Santiago, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.
      A 10,000 square foot luxury retreat overlooking Manzanillo Bay.



      Telephone (800) 501-0319.
      Individual listing of properties in Manzanillo.




    You can only lay by the pool for so long. Then it's time to check out some of the al sights!



      Located off of Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid, on the University campus.
      Known locally as Museo Universitario de Arqueologia.
      On display are various artifacts from western Mexico.
      Open Tuesday through Sunday. No admission charge.



      Located just north of town and the Naval Base.
      A large lagoon north of town good for birdwatching and photography.
      Herons, pelicans, and flamingos call this place home.



      Located just south of town.
      A very large lagoon good for kayaking, birdwatching and photography.
      Also a good place for a picnic!



      Located at the north end of downtown Manzanillo.
      A gazebo, garden and benches with views of Manzanillo harbor.
      A nice place to watch the local culture.



      Located at the west end of Manzanillo Bay.
      Famous for films and television locations such as Bo Dereck's "10", Remington Steele, Life Styles of the Rich and Famous and other events.
      A great place for a romantic dinner!




    Manzanillo offers some of the best (and diverse) side trips in Mexico. Everything from shopping in Guadalajara to coastal adventures along the Costa Alegra beaches. If you are looking for a good road trip, Manzanillo has several excellent options.



      Located about 30 minutes north of Manzanillo on the main coastal highway.
      Described by some Mexico aficionados as "long on character", Barra is a somewhat scrubby Mexican seaside destination, perfect for a half-day or full-day excursion.
      Palpates on the beach offer a variety of seafood plates and other delicious options.



      Telephone 011-52 (364) 1-8283.
      Fax 011-52 (364) 1-5697.
      Located about 30 minutes north of Manzanillo.
      1,200 acres and 1.5 miles of oceanfront property.
      An upscale resort which includes a luxury hotel, marina, 27 holes of golf, shopping, homes, villas, condos and more.
      If you have an extra day to explore the beautiful coastline north of Manzanillo, this might be a nice place to grab lunch!



      Located 3 hours northwest of Manzanillo.
      Mexico's second largest city has more to offer than you can possibly imagine!
      For more information drop by the GUADALAJARA section of Mexico Expo.



      Starting an hour north of Manzanillo and heading up to Puerto Vallarta.
      Probably Mexico's most beautiful coastline!
      Mostly undeveloped, a road trip north through this coastal drive will provide many surprises and nature at it's finest.
      Plan several days to explore this special piece of north America.



      Located about 45 minutes north of Manzanillo.
      A huge spectacular natural bay with great beaches and coves.
      For an overnighter or a longer stay here try the all-inclusive BLUE BAY CLUB.
      Dirt roads to desolate beaches are half the fun of exploring Tenacatitia!
      One of Carlos Fiesta's favorite Mexico getaways!




    Telephone service in most of the larger hotels is good. Most of them do, however, charge a connection fee for each call. It's always a good idea to check with the front desk to see what their fee is. You always have the option of using a "larga distancia" telephone shop downtown, which will run you about $1.60 per minute.

    Internet service and e-mail access is not available at most hotels, but is available at the cyber-cafe mentioned below.

    For more information on communications in Mexico drop by the COMMUNICATIONS section of Mexico Expo.



      Telephone 011-52 (333) 3-1388.
      Costero M.M.H. Km 14.3, Santiago, Colima, Mexico.
      Also serving burgers, breakfasts, tacos, smoothies and shakes.
      A great place to check your e-mail, send a fax and watch television!




    Most visitors to Manzanillo want to enjoy the beautiful coast. There are several ways to enjoy Manzanillo's coast, and one of the best ways is to go out on the bay on a sunset cruise. These cruises usually last a couple of hours, and provide you with the perspective of seeing Manzanillo and the surrounding mountains from the ocean. It's a great way to get out on the water, and the sunsets are usually wonderful.

    Most hotels have information on these sunset cruises, including the departure times and the costs. These cruises are especially fun during the wet season from June through October, when the brief afternoon showers give way to spectacular cloud formations accented by the sun.




    The time to flatten out your vacation learning curve is before you leave town. Take a few tips from Carlos before you head to Manzanillo.




    We have decided to go to Manzanillo for vacation, and are considering one of the "All Inclusive" resorts near town. Although I do feel we will ultimately save money by staying at this type of resort, I'm afraid we might become bored spending most of our time at one resort. What do you think? ~ Timothy



    It depends on what you are looking for while in vacation. If you really want to relax and just have a good time, all inclusive resorts are a great way to go. You'll have a hard time finding someone who spent time at an all-inclusive hotel who did not enjoy themselves. But you are correct in assuming that you will be spending most of your time at the resort, and if one of your big goals is to get out there and explore the surrounding areas, you might be better off in a regular hotel.

    By the way, the KARMINA PALACE near Manzanillo and the BLUE BAY CLUB north of town are both spectacular all-inclusive places to stay. ~ Carlos Fiesta




    We are going to spend a week in Manzanillo, provisioning up for our sailing adventure further down the Mexican coast. We want to take a road trip while in town, for a few days, to get some "on land" experiences. Any suggestions? - Julie



    If you want to stay along the coast, consider a short road trip to Barra de Navidad, less than an hour away. If you have more time on a coastal drive (about 3 hours) you can't go wrong exploring PUERTO VALLARTA. If you want to
    head inland the town of Colima is about an hour east of Manzanillo, and GUADALAJARA / Lake Chapala are another 3 hours away. These are 4 great destinations, each with their own unique character. ~ Carlos Fiesta




    We keep hearing about the Las Hadas Resort, and are considering staying there. Is it really that nice of a place? Seems like it has been around forever. ~ Robert



    Las Hadas is indeed a spectacular place to stay, even now. In the 80's the resort had indeed slipped from it's perch as one of the best resorts in Mexico. This was only a management problem, as the resort location and grounds are forever spectacular. To make a long story short, Las Hadas has undergone management changes and is truly a first class resort today. If you go, be sure to bring a camera. During my last stay there I went through 2 rolls of film! ~ Carlos Fiesta




    I've heard good things about the golf courses in Manzanillo. Of the courses available, which do you think is best? ~ Mark



    The Santiago Golf Course and Las Hadas Golf Course are both located near town, and are both good courses. But if you want to play at a spectacular course, you have two more options that are less than an hour north of town. ISLA NAVIDAD is one of Mexico's newest golf courses and offers 27 holes of spectacular golf adjacent to the new GRAND BAY HOTEL. The other great course north of Manzanillo is the TAMARINDO GOLF CLUB. This course offers lush greens in a jungle setting, complete with ocean front holes on a spectacular beach. I'd say try them both! ~ Carlos Fiesta




    We will be traveling through Manzanillo on our way south to Puerto Escondido. We are traveling on a limited budget and would like to meet other travelers like us. Is there a place in town that we can meet people and discuss travel ideas and options? ~ Kerri



    Have I got the place for you! It sounds like you are looking for some place different than the swim-up bar at Las Hadas! Head on down to Juanito's Restaurant on the coastal road south of town. This is an awesome hang out, and a great place to meet other travelers. They have good food, drinks, and even offer e-mail and fax service! ~ Carlos Fiesta




    Like much of western Mexico, Manzanillo is located in the tropics. This longitude sets the pattern for some fairly predictable weather. Winter is sometimes called the "dry" season, and from November through May Manzanillo receives less than and inch of rain. The "wet" season in Manzanillo runs from June through October, and is still mostly dry. During this time period Manzanillo averaging less than 6 inches of rain, most of it coming in brief afternoon showers that clear up before sunset.

    The months of June through October are when the ocean water temperatures get nice and warm, which is a big part of the formula for Chubascos (hurricanes). Manzanillo is fair game for chubascos every year during this time period, but only occasionally do they actually make it to town. Tropical storms, Chubasco's little sisters, are a more likely event, sometimes hitting the coast with a few days of rain. These storms rarely come as a surprise with today's satellite and radar technology, so they are usually more of an inconvenience than a safety issue.

    Today's MANZANILLO WEATHER is just a click away!

    For the bigger picture check out the SATELLITE VIEW of the weather in Mexico.

    Also it's fun to review the current OCEAN WATER TEMPERATURE in Manzanillo
    and other parts of Mexico.

    For more information drop the the WEATHER section on Mexico Expo.




    Visitors looking for more information about the Manzanillo area can contact the Manzanillo Tourism Office located at 4960 Miguel de la Madrid Boulevard, just east of the Las Hadas resort. They are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., but closed for siesta from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. They are also open most Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. They may be contacted by telephone at 011-52 (333) 3-2277. There is usually someone in the office who speaks English.